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The ASC-Filter range from DM Engg, works based on Bernoulli’s principle. ASC filters are equipped with a timer circuit and a differential pressure switch. The filter continues it’s operation until a pre-set timer value is reached or a differential pressure value is reached. The filter enters into cleaning mode on trigger by any of these two inputs. On receiving signal the control panel opens the auto drain valve. Bigger particles of dirt & impurities are washed out of filter housing though drain valve due to incoming flow pressure. after short interval, a pneumatically driven piston fitted with a sweeping disk, in a closed filter chamber, is moved up and down. This action creates low pressure, high velocity and high pressure, low velocity zones near filter screen walls. As a result of this, flow reversal takes place dislodging the clogged impurities from the filter screens. Once the piston completes cleaning cycle the drain valve is automatically closed and filter resumes next cycle. The USP of DM engg’s ASC filter is it continues to filter inlet stream while the cleaning is in progress. Salient features of ASC filters form DM Engg. o Fully automatic o Contact less cleaning o Housing design in compliance with ASME, EN13121, codes o Suitable for filter fineness range between 0.1 mm – 4 mm (100 micron to 4000 microns) o Flow rates up to 8000 m³/h o Negligible pressure drop o Ease of operation and maintenance o No gears, No motor, No Lubrication required: Low maintenance cost o No Contamination of process fluid o Time or differential pressure controlled self-cleaning o Customized design can be offered Materials The filter vessel can be produced in stainless steel, carbon steel (with or without inner lining) or glass fiber reinforced plastic. The filter insert can be supplied made of stainless steel, titanium or Super Duplex materials, PP. Other material can be supplied upon request. Applications · Power stations · Desalination plants · Waste water treatment plants · Industrial water treatment plants · Automobile industry · Petrochemical industry · Cooling tower water filtration  
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